About our organisation

We are a community based conservation group who assist the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) in management, policy and project decisions within our local wildlife reserve "Cumbernauld Glen" as well as working on projects which the group itself runs.


 The Glen was gifted by the Cumbernauld Development Corporation (CDC) to SWT in 1995, along with 3 other woodlands in Cumbernauld - Forest Woods in Abronhill, Northside Woods near Seafar and Luggiebank Woods. Together these make up the "Cumbernauld Greenspaces" sites all ably managed by Site Manager Duncan Clark.

In 2005, Community Woodlands Officer Rachel Avery was employed to bring both the SWT and the community closer together with an endless number of projects run through community groups, businesses and local schools. The Friends group was then conceived in the spring of 2006 as an important direct link with members of the local community with a real interest in the Glen and it's surrounding areas.

One year on and the group has gone from strength to strength. Our hard work was repaid with 2nd place in the Tim Stead Trophy for Best Urban and Community Woodland. This award was presented to Group Chair Karen Morrison at "Gardening Scotland" in 2007 and we hope to improve on this again in the years to come with the help of the local community. A number of regular events are ongoing in the reserve; Litter picks always require willing volunteers to assist in removing the quite literally tons of rubbish from different areas. Guided walks are run seasonally covering subjects from wildlife seen in the woods to local history. Opportunities also exist to carry out wildlife recording for


 BRISC (Biological Recording in Scotland) and help with regular practical conservation projects. This gives everyone a chance to play their part in the reserve's future.



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